Massive Lights offers an extensive and unique range of wall lights collection which you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor wall lights, or wall lights to go with your chandelier, hanging lights or on their own, we assure you we have the best range of wall lights.

Our wall lights come in all forms whether it is LED, crystal, brass, stainless steel, antique, wood, copper, glass or even shade.

We also cater to different sizes and different lighting requirement; whether it is single light, double light or even triple light wall light

We have wall lights which fulfill different lighting purposes, whether you want your wall light to throw light upwards, downwards, sideways or all over, Massive Lights has the best of all.

These are pictures of some of our collection, but we have a lot of variety at our outlet, so just come visit us and you will be amazed.