Lighting is all about bringing out the best in everything around you. Hence, when it comes to picture frames, the role of lighting cannot be ruled out, as it is something that gives a total new life to the picture.


Massive Lights offers an extensive range of picture lights in various different sizes, shapes and styles. Our selection also takes in to account your different lighting requirements; therefore, we have picture lights in different electrical outputs (Watts).


Personal grooming is an integral part of our lives; hence, we at Massive Lights do consider its importance and have a vast range of mirror lights, which are mounted on top of wall mirrors to ensure your personal grooming needs get the best lighting and at the right angles.


Massive Lights has a separate floor for the collection of mirror lights which come in various different sizes, styles, shapes, colors, cartier replica italia and electrical output (watts). 


Depending on the width of your mirror, we have different sizes of mirror lights. Some mirror lights offer the advantage of being able to adjust to wherever you need the lighting.


These are pictures of some of our collection, but we have a lot of variety at our outlet, so just come visit us and you will be amazed.